Voluntary Footprint

Carbon Footprint – ISO 14064

Organizations outside of mandatory or regulated schemes such as the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) or the UN JI/CDM mechanism schemes may want to monitor and report their GHG emissions, commonly referred to as the organization’s carbon footprint.

International Standards Organization (ISO) developed a series of standards ISO 14064-1,2,3 that provide governments, businesses, regions and other organizations with an integrated set of tools for voluntary programs aimed at measuring, quantifying and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These standards allow organizations to comply with advanced CSR requirements and take part in emissions trading schemes using a globally recognized standard.

EΜΙCERT ltd, as an accredited GHG Verification body, can audit your organization against ISO 14064 parts 1 and 2 to provide an independent and impartial validation and verification of your greenhouse gas emissions and reductions.

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation is an independent, voluntary programme appointed by ACI (Airport Council International) EUROPE to enforce the accreditation criteria for airports on an annual basis. As a hallmark of airports’ pioneering work in pro-actively addressing their carbon emissions, Airport Carbon Accreditation has received the official patronage of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and EUROCONTROL.

The programme provides a unique common framework and tool for active carbon management at airports with measurable results. It covers the operational activities that contribute most to carbon emissions. It is site specific and can be used at any airport as part of its daily environmental management activity and long term strategy as it helps to guide and support airport environmental management through a process of continual improvement and partnership with its airport stakeholders.

EΜΙCERT can undertake the verification of all of the necessary information in an airport’s application to ACA programme, as an independent third-party verifier, listed in the ACA website: http://www.airportcarbonaccreditation.org/airport/77-third-party-verification.html