About us COMPANY

EMICERT (formerly ECOCERT Ltd) is the leading Greek GHG Verification Body, specialized and reliable, for the Verification of GHG Emission.

History and milestones
EMICERT (as ECOCERT Ltd) initially achieved UKAS Accreditation to EN 45011 for the verification of GHG Emission Reports under ETS EU Directive. The scope of accreditation was covering the full range of activities included on Appendix I of Directive (2003/87/EU).

Later, the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (ESYD), one of the founding members of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), issues the Accreditation Certificate No 393 to EMICERT for the Verification of GHG Emissions in accordance with 2003/87/EC Directive, after carrying out the accreditation audit on EMICERT Head Offices and a number of site visits.

For the initial stage of EU ETS (2005-2007) EMICERT holds a leading position in the markets active. Last year we verified and issued more than 150 Verification Opinion Statements (VOS) and are leaders in Greece (50%)Ireland (30%)Bulgaria (20%) and Cyprus (90%).

On 2010 EMICERT has extended its accreditation scope in order to include both aviation sector and baseline activity data for the purposes of 2011/278/EC Decision and on April 2013 EMICERT was the first Greek verification body that completed successfully the procedure for its accreditation for the new ETS period 2013-2020, according to the ISO 14065 and new EU Regulation 600/2012.

EMICERT is also accredited for the “Airport Carbon Accreditation” Scheme and for the verification of GHG inventories and reports of various voluntary schemes, according to ISO 14064-1international standard.

Finally, EMICERT is the market leader (60%) verification body for the assessment of eligibility and verification of the installation data (production and electricity consumption) for the Compensation for the indirect costs of EU Emissions Trading System.

EMICERT is the first and only Verification Body in Greece that applied the extension of its accreditation scope for the Verification of the Monitoring Plans and the Annual Emission Reports, in accordance to EU MRV Regulation (Reg 2015/757).